Acon Digital – Acoustica Premium Edition VST Torrent 7.3.1 x64

Acon Digital – Acoustica Premium Edition VST Torrent 7.3.1 x64

Acon Digital – Acoustica Premium Edition

is the ideal answer for sound altering, web recording creation, dominating, and sound rebuilding on both Mac and PC. The application is accessible in a Premium Edition and a lower cost Standard Edition. Both incorporate an amazing and test precise clasp proofreader that allows you to explore and alter single-track sound with flawless quality. You can likewise make multitrack meetings where you can import or record sound bites to isolate tracks that you can blend and measure.

The Premium Edition adds advanced features such as spectral editing with powerful retouch algorithms and multi-channel support up to 7.1 surrounds. A large collection of plug-ins are included and seamlessly integrated into the application. With the Premium Edition, you can also use these in other host applications supporting VST, VST3, AAX, or Audio Units (Mac only):

  • Mastering Suite consisting of Equalize 2, Dynamics, Multiband Dynamics, Limit, and Dither.
  • Verberate 2, our renowned natural-sounding reverb plug-in
  • Restoration Suite 2 with four plug-ins for audio restoration: DeNoise 2, Deum 2, DeClick 2 and DeClip 2.
  • Extract: Dialogue automatically reduces background noise in dialogue recordings
  • DeWind: Dialogue automatically reduces wind noise from dialogue
  • DeRustle: Dialogue automatically reduces clothing rustle and microphone bump noise from lavalier recordings
  • DeBuzz: Dialogue automatically reduces buzz and hum noises such as neon light buzz, AC power hum, RF transmission interference from dialogue recordings
  • Transfer, an AAX plug-in that makes audio transfers between Pro Tools and Acoustica a breeze.

The Standard Edition also includes a wide range of processing tools integrated into the application. Both editions offer VSTVST3, and Audio Unit (Mac only) plug-in support and a Remix tool based on deep learning that can split a complete mix into up to five stems and remix them in real-time. You can also import a complete mix into a multitrack session and let Acoustica create separate tracks for each stem automatically.

The flexible user interface with docking window panes gives access to an arsenal of real-time analysis tools, including EBU R-128 and ITU-R BS.1770 compliant loudness metering, true peak level metering, phase correlation measurements, and spectrum analysis. You can save and load workspace files that contain the list of open files, the content of the processing chain, and the window layout.

Acoustica is available free of charge for up to 30 days. Please use one of the download links on the right-hand side of this page to download your trial now.

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